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At the time of a loved one’s passing, families are faced with lots of important decisions. The first and main decision – How should we care for the person’s body? At Goes Funeral Care, about 85% of the time, the answer is “cremation.” That is a great first step, but what many people don’t know is that it’s just that – the first step.

What else is there?

We want to ensure that our care for an individual provides dignity in their final moments, and brings comfort to those they leave behind. This comfort can come in the form of a visit to say goodbye prior to the cremation, or maybe a handprint for the family to keep, or a favorite outfit a person should be dressed in after their passing.

Peace of mind

At Goes Funeral Care, we also believe it is important for families to know who is caring for their loved one and how that care looks. That is why we care for each cremation on-site at our own crematory. Currently, this includes a traditional, flame-based crematory and coming very soon, a water crematory. You can have peace of mind knowing that:

* Our funeral directors and assistants go through crematory operator training to safely care for each cremation.

* We carefully review all of the choices with a person’s next-of-kin to ensure their wishes are honored every step of the way.

* Our crematories are regularly inspected and meticulously maintained.

* Crematory operators give their full attention to each person’s cremation from start to finish.

Witnessed cremation

Both our flame crematory (currently in operation) and our water crematory (coming soon) are designed as places of sanctuary and respect. The crematory is available for anyone to view and many families even choose to be present at the time of their loved ones’ cremation. This can be a ceremonial time to be together and bear witness to a person’s final journey, much like being present at the time of burial at a cemetery.

Learn more
It is never too soon to start discussing your final wishes. Our funeral directors are available anytime for crematory tours, questions, or to provide guidance through any of these tough decisions.

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